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Daisy - Whoa, Ken! Miriam died.
Whammed By the Saki
Well, Wedna's really and truly out in the country. She's found a kitten. It's eyes are open but they are still blue. The most popular theory going is hogs came out of the woods and got the rest of the litter, causing the mom to abandon the last one.
Fortunately, Kathy's cat had a litter about a month ago so she took the baby home. But she thought Lucy would welcome the new one like a long-lost daughter. Kathy completely freaked out when Lucy snapped at Daisy (Tara's name for the baby) and almost packed up to take it back to Wedna's house. But it was late and she called me instead.
I told her it would take a little time, just be patient and leave them alone. Sure enough when I talked to Kathy this morning, Lucy was letting Daisy nurse alongside hers. All Kathy has to do now is watch and make sure the kitten doesn't get pushed out by Lucy's older kittens.
But, I gotta say Kathy's butthead husband didn't help the situation. First, he tried to convince people Lucy would eat the kitten. Hence Kathy's freaking when Lucy snapped at Daisy. Once that storm blew over, he told Kathy he didn't think Daisy would last the night. I'd spent the afternoon feeding the baby so I knew it wouldn't starve to death in 12 hours. I don't know where Russell comes up with his shit. I have hand raised at least 5 litters of kittens. He needs to keep his lame-ass theories to himself. And don't think I didn't tell him so.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 9th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC) (Link)


Poor kitty, I am glad she has a mama now.
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