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The Dragon Over Hackensack - Whoa, Ken! Miriam died. — LiveJournal
Whammed By the Saki
The Dragon Over Hackensack

The Dragon Over Hackensack
       Richard L. Wexelblat    1985

Unexpectedly a red dragon appeared over Hackensack NJ
     One late winter afternoon
Two F-104's of the New Jersey Air National Guard scrambled to meet it.

In a move to surprising to some observers
     Though not all
The dragon breathed a stream of fire...
That completely missed the planes
     But incinerated an empty wooden watertower on the Bijou,
     a billboard that used to blow smoke rings
     and the ABC Action-Cam hot air balloon.

One F-104 attacked with 105mm cannon,
The other with Sidewinder heat-seekilng missles.

Of course, the cannon shells bounced off the dragon's scales.
The Sidewinders missed and eventually fell to earth in the Great Swamp
     just missing a deer on the runway of Morristown Airport.

The dragon, flattered or annoyed by all this attention,
Reversed course and flew off.
Out of sight
In the direction of Long Island
Pausing only to eat the top 50 feet
Off the leftmost of the two World Trade Center Towers.

The Pentagon ignored the report on the incident.

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