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Resolution Update #2 - Whoa, Ken! Miriam died.
Whammed By the Saki
Resolution Update #2
I've finished the brown afghan. Good thing too. I spent Monday and Tuesday sitting under it. We're under a winter storm here and I never left the house. No way was I leaving my house. So I got some more jobs off my to do list done. And I've decided not to do the leaf coasters. I hate plastic canvas. They're too small to actually use as coasters and are ugly to boot. So it would be stupid to do them just to do them. I'm giving them to my niece.  I'm losing hope on finding more green thread for the "keepsake" doilie.  So now I'm working on the sage flower afghan. I had a lot of left over squares from the one I made myself. When I did mine I wound up with two different sizes once they were sewed together in strips. So, all I have to do is about 24 more squaress and I'll have enough for a second afghan. This one will wrapped up for Kathy's Christmas next year. I've got about three more afghans that will be slated for Christmas next year. Good time to start planning.  Kimmie

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