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A Load Off - Whoa, Ken! Miriam died.
Whammed By the Saki
A Load Off
I finished "Republic." I connot stress what a relief it is to have that monkey off my back. Now I can move on to another of the books off my list. Next will be a "Midsummer's Night Dream".

I'm currently working on three craft projects. All I have to do with the sage square afghan is whipstitch it together. The Goose Girl towel needs about a dozen blue stitches and then I can backstitch the flowers and it will be done. I'm still doing the granny squares for the yllow and green afghan. I have 9 of 24 small squares and 3 of 6 large squares. This one won't take long.

I'm taking a week of vacation starting Feb. 19th. In that week I plan to get my curtains at least cut and pinned to pattern. And I'm going to dig out the blue tablecloth and shears and start working on them. All in all I think I'm making good time with my to-do-list.

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